Lazy J Western Art

Pencil art and Watercolors, portraying the lifestyle we live and love.

“Rio’s Mane”

Original Pencil Drawing

My name is Lori Jones, and  I learned most of what I know in Colorado in the nineties during High School Algebra, which I failed miserably, but managed to perfect my horse sketches and to roughly shade in my doodles. I took a semester of watercolor basics in college, but balked at the instructor’s insistence on the minimum two-inch brush and wild use of flamboyant colors, but managed to pass the class and pick up a few rudimentary techniques in the process.  In 2008 my family moved to Kansas, where, as a single mom, I managed a co-op, owned and ran a bar and grill and continued to run a herd of cows.  Art called my name from the back burner, but it wasn’t until 2016 when I met a Texas Cowboy who encouraged and motivated me to do something with my art that I picked up my pencils and began to draw again.  He’s now my husband, and he and I run cows all over south central Kansas and own Lazy J Ranch Horses west of Medicine Lodge.  I’m blessed to get to do what I want to do nearly every day, and am back to devoting a little time to my pencils, along with once again teaching art classes through the local art museum.   I stay busy with my position as a board member for Ninnescah Electric,  am the sales and services rep for Masterhand Milling, a Nebraska-based feed company, and recently took over as the trustee for Deerhead township.  But what do I do with all my spare time, you ask? Well, I draw. I hope you like them…

“The Horn Knot” My newest drawing, I love the detail and all the tedious shadows in this piece!
“To The Fire”
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“Colene’s Scarf”
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